Let’s build a great planet.

Is not only the climate, is the future. Is not only an opinion, is our destiny.

For a week we have seen how the executive of the most powerful country in the world withdrawn one of the greatest project of future for humanity, a project that unite all humanity together for a common goal: to preserve the planet, our most precious asset

The Paris agreement is an abitious project for reducing greenhouse efecto gases emmisions into athmosfere. 50% fo CO2 emissions emitted to the atmosphere have their origin in the construction and the use of buildings and the objective has to be to reduce that.

Each profession has its ‘Hippocratic Oath’, we all learn values ​​during our saudíes, for some it is commitment to health, for others with justice, ours is commitment to human habitat.

Today more than ever it is necessary to remember these implicit values ​​in our profession, our raison d’être, to remember our fundamental objectives as collective.

Because benign an architect is willing to design, to design a better future for the society we serve; because to be an architect is to understand that our profession has a social purpose, that through our work we have to fight for social justice, for equal opportunities, to achieve inclusive cities.

Because being an architect is willing to change our environment, is to fight as a collective for the right of housing of the entire population, which is a recognized right. To be an architect is to give priority to social benefits over private interests, to fight against speculation, to fight for fair urbanism, to fight for preserving our environment. Being an architect is being committed to human habitat.

Because to be an architect is to want to build, to build solid foundations that give space to our development as a society and that do not mortgage our future. It is to project our lives understanding that our resources are limited, that future generations have to come to a better planet than we come to. It is to manage part of our economy and to propose the way our cities will function, understanding the existence of social inequalities that must be mitigated. It is making decisions and adopting a position. It is to anticipate the future. It is a professional and social responsibility.

We want to design, we want to change our environment, we want to build, but above anything else, today we want to reaffirm the values ​​that have to unite us, the  common values ​​to understand the world, to build a greater planet.

That’s why today we raise our voice as a collective, from the institutes of architects, from the offices, from the universities, with a single voice: Architects4climate.

Let’s tell the world what we are here for.


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